Dietary supplements

Selling dietary supplements such as vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations or omega oils is becoming more and more complex due to increased regulation of health communication. Nevertheless, given their proven effect to reduce disease risk or maintain good health, consumer use is rising extensively leading to a supplement industry that is on track for tremendous growth in the next 10 years. Read More

Functional nutrition

The use of functional shakes and nutrition for sports, for slimming or nutrition such as medical food and children’s nutrition, is getting really popular with all kinds of consumers. This trend provides further evidence of the growing health-consciousness throughout the world and the empowerment of the public as they make changes in their diet and healthy lifestyle choices.Read More

Medical & Cosmetics

Not only dietary supplements or functional nutrition are commercially attractive, also other types of health products are gaining popularity. These include for example traditional herbal medicines, medical devices, medical food and beauty supplements or cosmetics. In this context we service our customers to create an attractive variety of products classes in order to realising effective health marketing.Read More

Business cases we have worked on

branded-private-label In order to service our customers, we created a line of 25 dietary supplements that can be distributed as a complete product line, or as unique niche products. These (EFSA compliant) products are developed to proactively capitalize the opportunities raised from the EU health claims regulation. They are based on proprietary mixtures containing essential nutrients and other (patented) ingredients to: reduce disease risks, maintain good health or support vitality and beauty. Within this context the private label products are designed in a way to guarantee effective health communication and market access for all global market places. The product concepts are a great opportunity for distributors  to – on one hand- quickly introduce new products under an own (private) brand, and – on the other hand- reduce costs on R&D and increase sales and profit. Because all private label products can be supplied including EU-compliant label texts, artwork, internet packing, certification, notification and export documentation, we can kick-start distributors to sell state of the art health products inside and outside the EU.  Read more

Many communication campaigns apply integrated strategies to deliver messages intending to influence people’s behaviour. When drawing on concepts for communicating benefits of health products, campaigns can also be combined with other channels such as social marketing in order to further influence people’s health behaviours. Since more and more people are intensively connected to their smartphone, we think that, for health communication, investment in social media will be a necessity, not a luxury.


As an expert in the marketing of health products, we also consult companies regarding product development and the legal framework to which companies must comply in order to register and export health products. We can technically help from product idea to patent, formulation, labelling, production and packaging. We are also respected for our expert knowledge on regulatory affairs, science, patenting, market entry and social media marketing. Thus, by combining these capabilities we can help our clients to market and sell their products by proven science and effective communications. For our international projects, we also have a reliable and qualified network of experts in Europe, the US, Canada, China, Australia and Latin America.Read More

Market entry

Creating conditions for successful export is complex. On one hand products must be effective and commercially interesting. On the other hand they must have a composition that enables distributors to sell it safely. Through our contacts with government officials and national experts we guide distributors through the various country market entry procedures to ensure compliance with all regulations. We help our customers to understand different national procedures and timings for product launch. We compile the necessary data for marketing products in different countries. In other words, we help to improve the export potential and marketing assets, and thereby increase the chances of product acceptance by national authorities. Read More


Some of our customers

What they say about us

“Sanoplus translates consumer’s thoughts into a format that allows both developer and marketer to discover the real needs and language of the consumers – a powerful catalyst”

Hans Koopman

CEO Vedax International

“I have worked with Sanoplus on a number of projects. They helped us in better understanding the relationship that consumers have with our brands.”

Tshen La Ling


“The results were very well received, thanks so much! Our CEO was very complimentary about all the great work and how far we have come on Europe thanks to your research”. Thanks!

Tim Mulder

Vice Director at Microz & BORN Sportscare